Rediscover our Divine Mother Earth…

Food is one of the most important ingredients for human and animal life to be able to flourish. We are living in times of great technological achievements and discoveries, and yet even thou we seem to be “smart”  we have long lost connection with  one of the greatest gifts God ever gave man, Our Mother Earth…  She alone is capable of providing the means for life of every thing we know to exist!  Reconnect with your mother, give her love. Get to know her better. Find out what she will do for you if you take care of her…

I have just the tools to get you up and running on your journey to re-discover the garden of eden, our Divine Mother Earth…

Sustainable Living, is evolution…

You will never need another source for Books that have anything to do with FOOD for the rest of your life!!!     ++++++ CLICK HERE +++++++ o o o

These are Bell peppers form my mini Backyard Urban Farm!

Next post, I will delve deeper into how I made my own, Raised Garden Bed to grow my fruits, veggies and of course some fine herbs…

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