Everything has its reason for being…

A very refreshing video I happened to stumble upon, coincidentally?…  Don’t think so , I don’t believe in coincidences…  I believe that everything has its reason for being. Even though some times it takes a long time for us to find out why such a thing had to happen in the first place.  Everything that has to happen will happen for it shapes you to be exactly who you now are… Follow the logical rules of the universe and you shall be set free…  o o o

Jeje Yesterday while I was checking my inbox in facebook I saw an advertisment that said sing a song with Enigma! I’ve love their stuff so I decided I would send them a part of me… So I did… and here it is…  vuala… Vote if you like it!

After that,  you can see a very interesting list of videos that “connected” with mine. Enjoy…Learn…Share…

Cuentikos… de por ahi…

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