Greenpeace assessing BP’s Gulf of Mexico’s Oil spill Disaster…

Join Greenpeace as it performs an independent assessment on the marine damages produced by the recent and largest oil disaster in history on the Gulf of Mexico.

You can sign up to attend “Live from the Gulf” that will stream live content on October 20th, at 8pm EDT/ 7pm CDT/ 6pm MDT/ 5pm PDT. The stream will be conducted live from aboard the “Arctic Sunrise” a Greenpeace vessel that is assessing the affected areas as we speak. You can also view a very cool interactive map that is documenting the exact routes and work being done in the Gulf of Mexico here

Don’t let the medias poor coverage on this subject allow you to forget the importance of this event and the utmost importance of this assessment. With this we can learn from all our mistakes so we can open the path to discoveries that will fuel our energy needs with new revolutionary sustainable technologies.

Keep in touch with Greenpeace’s work at The Gulf of Mexico!

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