How RADIOACTIVE is your cell phone???!!!

The radiation that cell phones emit has been a topic of intense debate over the last couple years, and a cause for alarm for many. If you’re among the concerned (and why shouldn’t you be?) there’s an easy way to find out exactly how much radiation the cell phone you own gives off–and whether you should be worried.

The Environmental Working Group has just launched an online guide that zeroes in the radiation levels found in hundreds of cell phone models.

The guide (which you can access on the EWG’s website here) was so popular upon its release last week that the server for the website nearly crashed. It’s an easy to use look at radiation levels, plain and simple. On the main page, the EGW rounds up the safest phones (with the lowest emissions). Number one? The Samsung Impression, followed closely by the Motorola RAZR.

It’s important to note that as of now, many scientists say that the type of radiation emitted by cell phones isn’t dangerous to human health. Cell phone radiation is non-ionizing, as opposed to the ionizing radiation given off by, say, x-rays or nuclear waste. That said, it’s never a bad idea to be cautious, as the human track record for recognizing the dangers surrounding stuff we use everyday (can anyone say cigarettes?) isn’t so hot.

And studies have found that there appears to be a higher risk for cancerous tumors in people who have used cell phones for more than ten years. So why not see how your phone stacks up in radiation levels–it takes literally 15 seconds. Plug in your phone brand and model over at EGW Cell Phone Radiation page and see just how radioactive that little object you’ve been carrying around in your pocket is.

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